Quasar  def.:  a massive and extremely remote celestial object, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy, and typically having a star-like image in a telescope. It has been suggested that quasars contain massive black holes and may represent a stage in the evolution of some galaxies.

Kazar definitely: a massive dork and extremely smelly. Remote when you need him emotionally, emits an exceptionally large amount of noxious smells and typically has a star-like image of himself as a rocker, in his own head. Has been suggested by beings with ears that his actual talent quotient is a massive black hole.

Ah, the English language! The spelling makes all the difference, doesn’t it? So many twists and turns!

Hey, just having a little fun, you know? Kazar’s not all bad! Did you know shortly after he met Galaxia, he saved her from a bloodthirsty, six-armed beast on a godforsaken desert planet?

Well, that’s how he tells the story, anyway! Mostly he just stood there and waited for Galaxia to explode herself out of the thing’s belly. But hey, “saved” has so many different meanings. It can also mean… there for moral support.

Anyway, let’s get into the real nuts and bolts when it comes to what makes Kazar, Kazar, shall we?

Ne’er-do-well, roustabout, hooligan, delinquent, thief, ignoramus–can you guess where I’m going with this?  That’s right, these are all qualities Kazar is working up to being someday!

Until then, we can at least call him a good friend. A heck of a skateboarder. Well-traveled and streetwise (at least compared to Galaxia, anyway). Life of the party. A bang-up direct supervisor to the Muchokids and second-in-command under Galaxia, despite a proclivity for irresponsibility…

…yep, think that about covers it. Oh, wait, you’re wondering about his musical abilities? Uh, trust me, he rocks! I could go on and on, but these darned character limits with blogs! Next time, then!

Read more about Kazar and his meeting with Galaxia on the Muchokids website here!

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