Both excellent questions! But let’s start with the more important one first…

Galaxia’s hair is not a dye-job, it’s really pink.

Kidding of course!  I know you want to hear about her. Rest assured though, I’ll pass along the compliment… now, on to what the leader of the Muchokids is made of—well, besides skin, bones, blood cells, that is…

Come to think of it, that’s actually not a bad place to start! Galaxia is constructed similarly to you and me, assuming this is being read by humans. But she is, in fact, an alien, from the planet Amethyst.

Amethyst was a Peak Planet, that is, a world of the highest designation in the Planetary Order. Hers was a Utopian society full of pink-haired girls and blue-haired boys without a care in the world, admiring the beauty of their many naturally valuable, diamond-like mountain peaks. You read that right: Amethyst was a jewelry store-heist waiting to happen! Eventually, its defenses and invisibility cloak were penetrated. Amethyst was discovered, raided and destroyed by bandits.

Only one person is known to have escaped Amethyst, clutching the most powerful mystical artifact in all the known universe… the Book of Azbel. Er, I mean, Galaxia… but she was holding The Book. And you should have seen her zoom out of there in her Sparrow Space Cruiser! Laser blasts were flyin’, rocks were breakin,’ the ground, she was quakin’! Oh man, I’m getting goosebumps, it was AWESOM—

Uh, sorry. Where was I? Right, Galaxia escaping the sudden doom of her world… well, there’s some good news, thankfully!

In no particular order:  Galaxia is very smart. She’s very resourceful. She’s found a rag-tag team of Earth’s best and brightest youngsters; the titular, “Muchokids,” of your favorite saga to help her conquer the evil Alekko and whatever other bad stuff the universe throws her way.  And she’s learning to wield the Book of Azbel’s spellbinding powers to fight her foes with the forces of ultimate good!

Now the bad news. She’s a little…. naive. Kinda stuck up. Been known to pretend she’s a princess, is said to not correct those who falsely address her as such. Kinda, sorta, maybe been seen letting power go to her head a tad bit.  What do you call kids like that at your school?  A fibber?  A liar? A S-H-O-W-O—

There I go again! Those are just rumors, anyway! She looks lovely to me! I suppose I’ve said enough for now. Hey, Galaxia’s doing her best. She’s had a heck of a time, losing her planet and potentially everyone she loves. And through it all, she’s being really brave, and honestly, Earth couldn’t be in better hands of someone carrying the most powerful object ever known to exist!

Cross your fingers…

Find out more about Galaxia on the Muchokids site here!

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