At Muchokids, we believe we can help change the world for the better through promoting diversity and unity within our many materials. In the Muchokids app, your kids can make their own Muchokids, read original stories, watch videos, read news with a fun twist, solve educational puzzles and speed games, listen to music, and even relax and meditate. Best of all: We are constantly updating all our content!  View all our content brands.

Our aim is to showcase the positive world messages of Muchokids through imaginative, adventurous original stories for kids of all ages. The Muchokids stories feature characters from all over the world working together as one to save Earth, as well as overcoming adversity throughout all of space. Each of our stories can be experienced in a range of different formats and versions. Kids (3+) can watch a video version, kids (5+) can read a picture book, and kids (9+) can read a text-only format.

You’ll find our optimistic worldview throughout all Muchokids stories, games, and music.  As well, we at Muchokids always strive to keep our app safe for kids.

Take some time to explore this site, download our app, and let us know in the ‘Contact Us’ section if you have any comments, questions or concerns. Thanks so much for coming along on this journey with us, and most importantly, have fun!

Read exciting, original stories featuring muchokids from all over the world working together to save our planet! Adventure, space exploration, unity—your kids will be super entertained! There’s text versions for your older ones, as well as picture books and videos for your youngest.
The main muchokids app is all about options! Kids can make their own character and profile, read original stories, and safely link with their friends to challenge each other in games and reading competitions. Collect magic stones doing all of this and more!
Interesting world news and fun facts updated every week featuring amusing muchokids commentary! Who says learning has to be boring? The muchokids don’t think so!

Make your own muchokids and dress them up however you want! So many fashions to choose from, as well as character types: ninjas, pirates, rock stars, robots—it’s all about choices. New outfits coming out all the time!

Test your speed and skill with the muchokids’ favorite crazy marble game. Join matching marbles before time runs out and challenge your friends for the high score! One tip: watch out for alekko and his evil crow. They’ll take away your points!
Alekko wants to destroy the universe, but he has more than muchokids in his way. Find out what’s stopping him in this hilarious original comic strip!
Memory games, jigsaw puzzles, paint inside the line, find the objects, spot the differences, form the words, and crossword puzzles. They’re all part of the puzzle app!
Being a kid takes a lot of energy. Need to listen to some nice music or some meditation tracks specifically made for kids? You’ll find it right here, inside the muchokdis app!

Mucho Snippets on Youtube!

Mucho Snippets on Youtube!