Muchokids books are the place to find Galaxia and her team of Earth kids from around the world using their special powers to battle evil and keep our planet and universe safe!

Our many Muchokids books span multiple series.

Earth Adventures and Galaxia's Quest are our two ongoing flagship series. And you can keep up with your favorite MK characters from those books in Gio the Worldly Dog and Kitty O. Mai: The Colorful Spy - our two spinoff series!

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Each Muchokids story has a fully animated video storybook to compliment its written source. Read the books and then re-live these adventures in motion with fantastic narrations and stunning soundtracks!

Or, if you only have time for a shorter video, try a quick adventure—MuchoSnippets feature all the world’s MK’s. Your favorite character is bound to show up somewhere. And if that’s not enough, we have nursery rhymes, music videos, holiday specials and more!

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