Some call me sassy, some call me bossy, some say my hair is long and beautiful. That third group is right on the money! When the Muchokids have a team retreat on Playa Veronica or Earth, it erupts into chaos because they don’t have a party planner. That’s where I come in! It’s an art everyone, and I’m just good at the managerial stuff. It comes naturally to me! Plus, Pedro is scared of me, so if I’m there keeping an eye on things he won’t eat all the food for once.


Hi, I'm Luna! I like party planning and public relations!

Planning a sleepover w/ @Dulce @Camilla @Cara - scary movies, popcorn & #prankcalling Kazar’s HoloPad 😀

U know I see the #HoloShouts right? Super Brain huh…