South Korea


Yo! Ji here. I only have a minute. I’m on my way out the door of my apartment in Seoul to see one of my favorite Kpop bands. At my school, I just got the senior writer position on our weekly paper of music editor, and I’m NOT a senior. So all the other older writers there are hating me now out of jealously, I can tell. But I can’t let it drag me down—I love going out and seeing bands and writing about their shows, reviewing records, reviewing movies… all things entertainment! I have big goals for when I get out of school and who knows, maybe now that I’m in MK, I can even review concerts on other planets soon!


Hi, I'm Ji-Woo! I like seeing live music and writing!

Had a basbeball game tonight, and the pitching machine BEANED me, and I stormed the mound #TheMachineWon #OwMyHand