Huzzah! This HoloPad is awesome. I already got Kang from South Korea to show me how to get some of my RPG games on it. I don’t know if I’m supposed to do that. The HoloPad battery life is CRAZY long, so I’m like 9th level mage already in Dragon Eliminator. It’s an AWESOME game. Oh, so I’m Erik btw. Vikings are awesome, renaissance fairs are pretty sweet too. I want to run my own Ren-fair someday. Also trying to get Kazar to make Bucket the robot on Playa V. make me a sword to fight aliens.


Hi, I'm Erik! I like video games and Vikings!

Hark! ever noticed #HoloPads can send msgs 2 space, yet still get 2 hot to lay on your legs after 20 mins?? #Back2TheDrawingBoardBucket