One of these days Kazar is gonna mess up big time, bigger-than-usual-big-time. Then, Galaxia is going to want to replace him. Enter me, Ahmad, environmentalist-engineer! I’m always working and researching ways to use resources in a more Earth-conscious fashion. And maybe one day, replace them all together with something like cold fusion; a safe, endless energy source. I have scientists working on this stuff all the time. You’re gonna hear about me!


Hi, I'm Ahmad! I like engineering and environmental sciences!

@Muchokids Alright… HILARIOUS. Which one u put a #PV “coconut” in my bowling ball bag?!

😛 use it. No spoilers but trust me, u will get a strike every time. Just make sure no one’s watching

@Muchokids If I see any reports from Earth of “hatching bowling balls” I will NOT be pleased!